More about the Picardy evenning

A little more about the evening when we had the Picardy Shiraz 1998. Started with a bottle of Domaine Bernard Moreau & Fils Bourgogne Blanc (White) 2008 @ $26.50 a bargain that delivers true Burgundy flavours, I wish more Bourgogne was this good, should have purchased more than the 3 bottles that I did.

I have added a brief description of Bourgogne from Wikipedia below.
“AOC Bourgogne, the standard or “generic” appellation for red or white wines made anywhere throughout the region, and represent simpler wines which are still similar to the village. These wines may be produced at 55 hectoliters/hectare. These wines are typically intended for immediate consumption, within 3 years after the vintage date.”
You will find there is a lot of this classification in many Liquor Stores that sell imported wines and it can range up to $50.00 and over per bottle, not cheap for a simple generic wine. You need to have a Liquor Merchant you can trust and has an understanding of your preferences to help separate the overpriced poor quality Bourgogne from the better expressions of the region.

Dinner was washed down by a Jr Jones Pinot Noir 2007 from Jones Road, which does need food to go with it, as the acidity was a little too overpowering when unaccompanied by food, but worked well with the roast chicken, stuffing and gravy. After dinner one friend who did not move onto the Picardy never finished her glass.

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