Chenin Blanc and The Beaufort Street Merchant

Apart from The Beaufort Street Merchant, there are not many WA Restaurants that serve Chenin Blanc, I was back there for dinner with friends thinking of the Chenin Blanc from Vouvray I had previously. The wine list is short, all wines except half bottles are also by the glass, for such a short list, there is a great choice of interesting new and old world wines, someone has taken great care in developing this list. If you can’t find something to your taste you can peruse the gourmet food and bottle shop for something special.
We went with the list
1996 Marc Bredif Vouvray, (France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Vouvray)
I didn’t realise Chenin Blanc was a wine that could age so well, my past experience with the variety was long long ago when we used to drink Amberley Chenin Blanc on a hot summers evening, if it lasted more than 24 hours from purchase it must have been miss placed or rolled under the car seat. The Marc Bredif is a great aged wine for the price $68.00 a bottle and $15.00 by the glass. The first thing you will notice is how fresh the nose and palate is. I wrote only a brief note as it was a noisy busy night.
Initial hit of sulphur from aging? Followed by apricot and pear, lime citrus on the palate, fresh as a daisy.
Makes me want to explore Chenin Blanc a little more, will pick up a bottle of Houghtons Classic (formally White burgundy) which is a blended Chenin Blanc and see how it stands up to the Marc Bredif. Will also pick up some later vintage Vouvray and put them away for a few years.
Followed by a 2010 Massena Barbera (Maclaren)
Interesting wine, no notes by this time in the night, will need to buy a bottle from La Vigna and drink on a quiet evening.
Dinner started with shared Spanish and French Grazing Boards, some nice nibbles on what are wooden boards the chorizo olives almonds and mushrooms were all good and a generous serve, it’s nice to get a tasting plate starter that is not straight out of the can or some uninspiring tasteless mush cobbled together. For a main I ordered the cape grim rib eye, I have heard a lot about how good cape grim beef is, from a friend, and thought I would give it a go. Excellent choice cooked to perfection the chips are some of the best in Perth.
The other main was not as inspiring a choice, the bouillabaisse was watery with little flavour and some of the seafood was not the freshest. There was a good outcome, it was mentioned the bouillabaisse was not that good to the waiter who then told the manager who discussed this with the chef, with the outcome that it was taken off the bill and free coffee was added and they know how to do coffee.
Will go back in the near future.

Additional Review here

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2 Responses to Chenin Blanc and The Beaufort Street Merchant

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  2. DB says:

    Went to the Merchant recently and got to say the service was terrible and won’t hurry back. Back packer types that just didn’t have the skills or interest. One waitress opened our wine whilst checking out actvity on the street and then just left the bottle on the table with out offering a taste. Another waitress repeatedly asked “everything OK here guys?” without waiting around for an answer. Shame, the place could be good and I like its concept. But I put this together with a previous poor food experience, and its not faring two well with me at the moment

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