One of the Best

Did I really spill the wine down the side of the bottle!

Well one of the best wines I have ever had the pleasure of drinking and shareing was a bottle of 1998 Domaine Armand Rousseau Père et Fils Chambertin – Clos de Bèze on a lazy Sunday evening with Cookie and family. The wine passed the most important test, Cookies wifes approval, if she approves of the wine you know it is not going to be some over extracted young gun fruit bomb or an aged cigar box of a wine that the wine maker is trying to hide substandard fruit behind a wall of oak, but a wine with finesse!

In an earlier post I mentioned that the better the wine the less notes get written. With this one there are no notes for reference, but they are not needed as it was very memorable and was discussed as we drank it.

Anyway, the wine opened with a good amount of red fruit with just a touch of spice opening out to include more of those secondary aromas of mushroom truffle and animale notes. All this was reflected on the palate wrapped in very soft tannins, with that added zing of a ballerina dancing across the tongue, which as one would suspect was followed with a long lingering finish. Definitely a wine to be sipped over a longish period of time to savor the evolution of the wine as it meets the world and oxidises. We started drinking it with our meal and finished it watching part of La Tour de France on the comfy lounge.

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