From The Rugby World Cup in New Zealand

What I’ve been drinking 003

The lest said about the RWC after our loss to Ireland, the better, now there is always a positive to take from any game, this one, at least the seats and view where good so we got to watch up close our poor effort against an opposition that should not have even gotten close.

One more positive, we are in New Zealand ready to explore the wine and Terrior, but first a quick what I’ve been drinking from last week.

Drank the ever reliable 2009 Henchke Henry’s Seven with Pizza at Oliver’s, the Henry’s Seven is a blend of 61% Shiraz, 24% Grenache, 8% Viognier and 7% Mourvèdre grapes grown in the Barossa Valley. How’s that from someone who is no great fan of Barossa Shiraz, my only excuse is it’s a beautifully made wine that balances the dark berry fruits with hints of Indian spices and Pepper (is Pepper an Indian spice?)* without becoming jammy . If it’s on the wine list, it’s a reliable pick as it won’t overpower most food and compliments many, including Pizza at Oliver’s.

While sitting around Cookies Kitchen bench, we drank one of my all time favourite wines, the 2001 Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay, 2001 is one of their better vintages, not that there are any bad vintages, not that I know of anyway. This is a wine that brings back only good memories of people and places that it was a party too, something only truly memorable wines can do. So when another bottle is opened and drunk, those good memories come back.
Lighter in colour than I was expecting (expecting honeyed golden colours), very much a golden straw colour still with a touch of green, there was opulent peach, and white melon fruit on the nose with a dense oily texture to a palate of lemon and honey and the finish was long and luscious.

2009 Henchke Henry’s Seven
Oliver’s Restaurant $54.00 I think

2001 Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay
My Collection $82.00
Leeuwin Estate

* Yes it is
Black Pepper

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2 Responses to From The Rugby World Cup in New Zealand

  1. acepfv says:

    Glad to see you have taken some time out of the hetic schedule that ‘three men and a winnibago’ demands. As memory serves I don’t think we drink anything but Henry’s Seven at Oliver’s, trying to remember what parties evoke such memories when drinking Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay.

    Shame about the rugby, the Eagles game was much more enjoyable have it on tape if you are interested.

  2. If we win the big cup I will watch it, thanks.

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