New Zealand regions – Gisborne

Hopefully this wine does not reflect the Region

We had a bottle 2010 Shotberry Chardonnay by Crazy by Nature at the River Hotel in Gisborne over diner, we chose this wine from what was a very short list, shorter than their range of beers. As this wine originated from the Gisborne region we thought you kind of have too try wines from the region you are in. Maybe not! Because this wine was not saved by its Biodynamic and organic origins or its use of the Shotberry (Mendoza clone) Chardonnay grapes. An overly sweet style of Chardonnay that tasted of high alcohol even though it is a average 13%. Don’t believe the blab on the bottle or the high opinion these guys have of themselves, not worth drinking, we left glasses full and the bottle not emptied. Lunch the next day we went with a region we know and love (Central Otago) a much better option.
One would guess there are good wines from this region, but how to find them I don’t know and unfortunately with limited time one walks away without the feel of the place.

Gisborne Region

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4 Responses to New Zealand regions – Gisborne

  1. acepfv says:

    And what is wrong with having a beer list longer than a wine list, I know at least one of your travelling companions would have no problem with such an issue…

  2. Jeanne says:

    Did you ALL leave your glasses full?

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