What I’ve been drinking – 004

Picardy Chardonnay 2008
From the wine room, cellar or whatever one should call it, this wine is starting to hit its straps, it is amazing what a couple of extra years in the bottle can achieve for Chardonnay. This has now lost some of its bright acidity, which was dominating the wine when it was first released. Also the toasty oak and fine tannin has now integrated with the zesty lemon citrus fruit flavours giving a more complete mouth feel and flavour experience. The truly good thing is there are more than a few bottles left in the cellar, so I don’t have to worry about being sparing with this wine, may even knock off another bottle this weekend.

Winery Direct $35.00

Picardy Wines

Leeuwin Estate Art Series Chardonnay 2008
Have had a couple of bottles from this vintage now and have to say it is a corker of a wine, great drinking now with a palate that stretches from lemon citrus to honeysuckle with a huge and long finish, a timeless classic that can only get better.

Coco’s Restaurant $92.00 (wine club)
Coco’s Wine Club 

Leeuwin Estate

Mount Mary Pinot Noir

Mount Mary Pinot Noir 2006
Something I was looking forward to, as it is the first time drinking this wine, unfortunately it may have been the occasion or maybe even a slight amount of cork taint, but there was something on the nose that was just not right which I could not pick, it also lacked freshness on the palate and lacked fruit on the nose. Disappointing.
To compare here are James Hallidays notes.

“Clear colour, yet to lose primary hue; a beautifully constructed pinot, lithe and silky on the mid-palate, then stretching out on the long finish, the sweet red fruits of the mid-palate reappearing on the aftertaste.”
James Halliday – The Wine Companion

Tasted nothing like how James Halliday described this wine, it lacked the silky tannins and the sweet red fruits never surfaced. In hindsight, should have sent it back, but as I had not had it before and whatever was on the nose could not be referenced back to something obviously wrong, I didn’t. In later discussions, the Gardener disagreed with my assessment just commented that it was expensive for what it was and wasn’t.

Coco’s Restaurant $130.00 (wine club)

Mount Mary Vineyard

What I’ve been drinking – 003

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  1. Avann says:

    Enjoying the “What I’ve been drinking series”

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