Modo Mio one and a half out of three

Or. A Sommelier! a  Sommelier! my kingdom (I don’t actually have one) for a Sommelier!

It’s not usually my style to give scores but I couldn’t help myself with Modo Mio. On my 3 point scale (devised just now so I can write this blog entry) they scored 1½ out of 3.

1 out of 1 for the setting;
The fit out of Modo Mio is probably the best I have seen, it is just a lovely setting that inspires the taste buds and lifts the expectation of what is about to unfold, a great way to start a meal. Enough said about that, as previously stated in a past blog this is not some interior design blog1

½ out of 1 for the food;
The food was good to very good but our expectations are so much higher when the restaurant is held up to be at the top end of the fine dining tree in Perth. Started with a small pasta dish of Agnolotti with I think duck confit that was good, although not as good as the Beef Cheek Ravioli with burnt butter sauce and cherry tomato’s from Funtastico2.  This was followed by the “Ossobuco con risotto allo zafferano e gremolata” Braised veal shank, saffron risotto, gremolata. The Ossobuco was no better than what I have had at Romany Northbridge3 many times, though the saffron risotto (Risotto Milanese) is probably the best I have had, as good as or better than any eaten when in Milano and the Milanese do take pride in their risotto. Overall there are many Italian restaurants in Perth doing as good if not better simple Italian food.

0 out of 1 for service
That leaves no points for service, service gets a big fat zero, for the very simple reason the wait staff were not knowledgeable about the food and totally ignorant about the wine. Being pleasant, courteous and prompt doesn’t make up for a lack of knowledge. First a bit about the wine list and in particular the Italian Red wines. Whoever put this list together has a love of and knowledge of Tuscany and its wines. Even though the list is short, 18 wines in total and of those 11 are from Tuscany. Only 11! But what a representation of this wonderful region of Italy, there are Super Tuscans4 of differing grape varieties and style, a few from Chianti5 a Brunello di Montalcino6, the only wine missing was a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano from Montepulciano7 and then it would have been a perfect list.

When asked a simple question about one of the wines on the list our waiter passed us off to another staff member, who looked impeccable in his suit. But when asked the same question about the same wine he answered by pointing out the Monte Antico IGT 2006 on the list with the comment that it is a nice wine that is quite bold. Duh, if I wanted to know that, I would have asked. Third time lucky, I enquired again about the Tenuta Del Ornellaia Le Serre Nuove 2007 hoping to find out what grape variety this “Super Tuscan” is based on. Alas, after pointing out yet another bold little number on the list and failing to deflect the question he said he would bring the bottle out, he missed me rolling my eyes! Being an Italian wine the grape variety was nowhere to be found on the bottle, the question remained unanswered, though it was a very nice looking bottle and label, which I dutifully reported to our smartly dressed waiter and then ordered a bottle of the Argiano Brunello Di Montalcino 2006.

1 Beg to differ and Mont Redon

2 Funtastico – the Beef Cheek Ravioli is a special not on the Menu, try it!

3 Romany Northbridge – Simple home cooked Italian food

4 Super Tuscan

5 Chianti

6 Brunello di Montalcino

7 Vino Nobile di Montepulciano – the link is to my favorite Montepulciano Winery

Modo Mio
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