Down in the Coal Pit

Coal Pit Pinot Noir 2008

Coal Pit Pinot Noir 2008
Central Otago is that rare region that keeps surprising and producing value for money, had the good fortune to share a bottle of Coal Pit Pinot Noir at Balthazar a few days ago with the The Retailer (formerly the Frock Salesman) and if he wasn’t bigger and uglier than me I would have drunk the whole bottle myself but alas we had to share the bottle.

Before going further about this wine a little about the Central Otago region and its terrior, or more to the point, those areas within Central Otago that I have a preference for. Top of the list would be the Bannockburn region of Central Otago, which produces some of the icon single vineyard wines of the region including the famed Calvert vineyard. Followed by Gibbston region which produces good Pinot Noir but the single vineyard wines are not in the same league as Bannockburn. Well there is always one to prove us wrong and the Coal Pit Pinot Noir is that one, it may not technically be a single vineyard wine coming from two separate blocks on their estate, one 4.0 hectares planted in 1994 and the other a 1.5hectare site planted in 2000. But it has a wonderful expression of place and the two blocks are close together. From my notes on the night;

“A tight but delicate nose that wants to open up (and will) and express its fruit. There is a subtle hint of soft oak and cherry fruit that is gentle and not over ripe, with earthy and wild thyme binding it all together. The palate starts of smooth and soft, but given a few minutes it develops deep red fruit and earthy forest floor flavours bound together with silky tannins. Works with and complimented the steak tartare I was eating, after the tartare we were given a sorbet of lemon and lime……”

That’s as far as the notes go, concentrate on enjoy what is a wonderful wine that is great value as well and was keeping an eye on The Retailer as he buttered the wait staff up, hoping to get a greater share.

Purchased at Balthazar can remember how much but it sells for $42.00 New Zealand from the winery direct

Coal Pit Wines

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2 Responses to Down in the Coal Pit

  1. Terri Bruce says:

    We here at Coal Pit Wines were thrilled you enjoyed our 2008 Pinot Noir. Vintage Cellars currently stocks our 2009 vintage and the 2010 is on its way. If you are ever down in Central Otago, please stop in for a tasting. Our Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Rose are also very special!

  2. Thanks Terri, next time I’m down your way I will be dropping in for a tasting. I will be stopping by my local Vintage Cellars to pick up a bottle or two of the 2009 as well.

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