What I have been drinking 11 European edition 2

Started off with a couple of cheapies, that we had with tapas, wine by the glass so the choice here in Barcelona is Red or White, we did both, first up was the white a chardonnay from somewhere, probable an industrial site in Chernobyl (it glowed) not real but the label did. This is not something that comes with high expectations so it did not disappoint, may have had a nose that resembled a Riesling and a palate that resemble a whatever but it was refreshing and filled the gap and you have got to like the label, we followed with the red not as pleasing as the white, I guess I have higher expectations of my red wines but this one did nothing, which can be a good things as some wines at this level in Europe can do major damage, to the extent you end up with teeth stained red.

Will upload the photo in France, connection here on Barcelona is so slow I can’t upload.

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