My friends have discovered the “Tardis in the Wine Room”

Tardis in the Wine Room

Tardis in the Wine Room

I’m not positive who discovered it first, it was either Acepfv or The Gardener who worked out that if they bring a wine that I like to my place for dinner, there is a good chance that the “Tardis in the Wine Room” (TITWR) will take that wine off their hands and return it with much more bottle age. It has become such a phenomenon that I’ve had to create a separate purchase category in Cellartracker for the wine room called TITWR.

The latest TITWR event was Saturday week ago when Acepfv and The Banker came over for dinner, bringing with them a bottle of 2007 Voyager Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot and off it went into the Wine Room to reappear seconds later have gained 9 years in the blink of an eye and was at its peek, ready to drink. There may have been some small intervention on my part, as in taking it out of Acepfv’s hands with the words “lets see what we can do with this” and also having a quick look on the laptop to see what Cellartracker could conjure up, well if your maths are any good you would know by now that Cellartracker conjured up a 1998 Voyager Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot which resided in Bin 10 b 11 in the Wine Room. So into the wine room I went and popped the 07 onto the bench, grabbed the 98 from its resting place and voilà TITWA strikes again.

A little later on in the evening when we were smoking a couple of very nice Partagas No. 4 Cigars Acepfv had the suggestion that we mark the bottles for future reference, an excellent idea, because as he remarked it will be an interesting reminder in years to come to remember the history of the bottle of wine we are about to drink. So I guess now’s the time to work out what information is required to go on future TITWA bottles, and this is what I came up with:

1 The purchaser

2 Where it was purchased

3 The purchase price

4 What date the swap was made

5 The bottle it was swapped for

6 And the occasion associated with the wine

When I say goes on the bottle, this is not what will exactly happen, the information will be logged on Cellartracker with a reference on the bottle so we know to look on Cellartracker to see its history.

A final note on my friends preferences, the Gardener has focused on my Picardy Collection and particularly the Pinot Noir section and very specifically the Tête de Cuvée part. While Acepfv has a very different palate he knows that not only do I have some nicely aged Voyager Estates there is also a stash of 1999 Penfolds Bin 28’s ready to drink.

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2 Responses to My friends have discovered the “Tardis in the Wine Room”

  1. Acepfv says:

    Hmmm…. What to bring tomorrow night?

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