Paella and Wine on a Summers evening Part 2

Invited Cookie and his family over for Paella, and took the opportunity to work through the recipe with him and asked his daughter HP, who is studying photography to take some photos at the same time, results below. I have modified the recipe slightly by decreasing the Paprika to 2 tablespoons (can be a little too rich with 3) and keeping aside some of the Parsley to sprinkle over the dish at the finish to give a better presentation.

Prep can be done earlier in the day if needed as it can be refrigerated until required.


Prep all finished and ready to go.

Set the Mussels and Vongoles (Small Clams) aside with the other seafood ready to be added to the Paella.

Vongoles, Mussels, stock, Prawns, Squid Rings, Assorted Fish Pieces

Vongoles, Mussels, Stock, Prawns, Squid Rings, Assorted Fish Pieces.

Now head out to the BBQ and start cooking your Paella, with a good glass of wine in hand. aka the late great Keith Floyd.

The rice should have a shinny glazed coating to it, once it has it is ready to have the stock and other ingredients added.

Ready for the stock

Glazed rice and ready for the stock.

Let this simmer for a while, stir occasionally, when the rice starts to expand, add the prawns, poke them into the Paella, leave to simmer until the rice is just about cooked.



Nearly cooked, not long to wait, now send one of the guests off to open that special bottle of Red Burgundy they brought with them to have with dinner.

Just about ready.

Just about ready.

Add the Vongoles and Mussels, pull the cover of the BBQ down to finish, about 3 – 4 minutes and all should be ready.

All ingredients add.

All ingredients add.

Place in the middle of the Table with a couple of serving spoons and bowls for the shells, sit down and enjoy. Good to see the wine has been poured and ready to sample.

Ready to eat

Ready to eat.

If prepared in advance, this is an easy meal to cook, it tastes great, allows you time to talk, drink and mingle with your guest, which is what BBQ’s are all  about.

A future post on the wines drunk with the Paellas this last summer is coming soon!

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6 Responses to Paella and Wine on a Summers evening Part 2

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  3. Nina says:

    Showed my friend Rita, she loved the photos taken by HP, great job 🙂

  4. Liz says:

    These photos are amazing, it looks delicious. Wine Libertarian do you know of a Paella recipe without seafood?

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