Truth in Advertising

It's a good looking label, but!

The Lake House Premium Reserve Single Vineyard Pinot Noir Vintage 2009
We had an enjoyable Sunday afternoon over at Acepfv’s house were Cookie brought over a bottle of Pinot Noir from Denmark in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, the winery was unknown to all of us and if one relied only on the information on the back label, you would be expecting something exceptional. Here is the blab.
This premium Pinot Noir displays alluring aromas of vibrant red cherry, layered with a subtle earthiness and notes of spice and vanilla. Seductive flavours of concentrated red berries marry with a rich and spicy mid palate of mocha and toasty oak, that lead to a long and finely textured finish.
Now, for what we actually drank. First reactions, cookie looked like he had drunk cod liver oil with the comment “I don’t like that, too much alcohol” it’s 14%. Both Acepfv and myself thought it was thin and lacked depth. I think Acepfv would have been thinking “see what I mean, Pinot Noir it’s limp where’s the grunt, haven’t I been telling you this for ages”. Even on reflection after tasting this wine over two hours on Sunday and again on Monday afternoon, one has to say it doesn’t live up to its own blab. It’s as if they have written what they want the wine to be, not what it is. The nose and palate lacked depth. There was none of the earthiness, spice and vanilla on the nose just a hint of that typical Pinot red cherry and none of the silky texture in the mouth and definitely no long finish on the palate. The best I can say is that it’s not offensive and if it sold for $20.00 a bottle it would be passable on a price/quality value, as it does display pleasant but very light pinot flavours.

$45.00 don’t bother

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